Provisional Tubular Cast On Technique


The tubular cast on is characterised by the way the stitches look as if they roll over the edge and provides a neat cast on for 1×1 ribbing (you can use it for 2×2 but that method is slightly different). It’s nice and stretchy, so is ideal for giving your socks, hats, and neckbands a beautiful finished edge. There are a few different ways of achieving it, here we will look at the provisional tubular cast on. For this method it is better to use a smaller needle than the rest of your ribbing will be worked on.

To begin, use a provisional cast on and waste yarn to cast on half the number of stitches your project requires. Place a marker every 20 sts to aid counting, on the following rounds these markers will help you keep your place with the yarnovers and slipped sts.

See separate tutorial for provisional crochet cast on if needed.

With your main project yarn work as follows:

Row 1 – *K1, yo; repeat from * until end of row. Don’t forget that last yarn over!

Join in the round being careful not to twist your stitches, and place a unique marker for beginning of round.

Round 1 – *K1, sl1p with yarn in front; repeat from * until end of round.
On this round the slipped sts are the yarnovers from Row 1.
Round 2: *Sl1p with yarn in back, yf, p1, yb; repeat from * until end of round.
On this round the slipped sts are the knit sts from previous round.
Round 3 – Repeat Round 1.
On this round the slipped sts are the purl sts from the previous round.
Round 4 – Repeat Round 2.

Remove the waste yarn by untying loose knot and pulling crochet chain (Figure 5).

Figure 5

Switch to larger needles and continue in 1×1 ribbing as directed by your pattern.

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