The Provisional Crochet Cast On – Technique

How to do the provisional crochet cast on


The provisional crochet cast on is a very handy provisional cast on to know, and you don’t need to be able to crochet to do it!
It’s fast and easy to work and easy to undo when you want to release your live stitches.
It’s ideal for when you want to return to your stitches so they can be knit into again
(i.e., to work in the opposite direction, or for adding borders, folded hems, and provisional tubular cast ons).


Smooth waste yarn of a similar weight to your project yarn (nothing fuzzy like mohair! You want it to slip out easily at the end).
rochet hook in an equivalent size to knitting needles for project.
Knitting needle for project (shown using circulars but works the same for straight needles).


Step 1 – Make a slip knot with the waste yarn and place on crochet hook. This does not count as a stitch.
Step 2 – With knitting needle in left hand and crochet hook in right hand place working end of yarn under knitting needle.
Step 3 – Hold hook and needle in a cross as shown.
Step 4 – Take the yarn over the hook and grab a loop.
Step 5 – Pull through loop on crochet hook – this forms 1 stitch on your knitting needle.
Step 6 – Move the yarn behind the needle again.


Repeat Steps 4-6 until you have the desired number of cast on stitches.
Make 4 or 5 chain stitches with your crochet hook (wrap yarn around hook and pull through loop), then cut yarn and pull through last chain.
There’s no need to pull the end tightly, this is the loose knot you will unravel when you want to release your stitches.

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