Patchwork Star Socks

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I grew up in a household where my grandmother knitted and my mother sewed, there were regular trips to buy yarn and fabric, so it was inevitable I ended up with a passion for both! Featuring large Sawtooth Stars and Bear’s Paws with a variety of smaller nine patch blocks in the spaces in between these socks grew out of my love for traditional patchwork blocks. Although these socks might look complicated, they contain repetitive motifs that are easy to memorise and only a few long floats resulting in an easy colorwork sock that almost knits itself!


Method: These stranded colorwork socks are knit in the round from the cuff down. They have an Eye of Partridge heel flap, a round heel and gusset decreases placed on the sole.

These socks can be knitted on dpns, by magic loop, or on a short circular (in which case you will still need dpns for the heel and toe decreases).

Please note the colorwork design in this pattern is charted not written out. You need to be prepared to read and work from charts in order to enjoy knitting this design.

Size: This pattern is written in 3 sizes referred to throughout the pattern as S, M, and L. All instructions that differ depending on the size you are knitting are color coded.
Size     Sock Circumference                    UK Sizes
S         7”, 18 cm         Children’s 13-4, Ladies 1-4
M        8”, 20.5 cm      Ladies 5-7.5
L         9.3”, 23.5 cm   Men’s 8-11

Yarn: You can use any 4 ply sock yarn that you like and with which you can get gauge. Please note I do not recommend using yarns with a high cotton content as cotton doesn’t stretch as much as other fibers and this will affect the fit of your socks.

This pattern works well with either two solid colors or a solid and a long gradient or self-striping yarn. This is a great pattern to experiment with color and use mini skeins or any leftovers lurking in your stash. Be creative, have fun, but keep in mind changes will affect yardage and number of ends to weave in. The amounts of each color required will depend on how many colors you pick, where you choose to use them in the sock, and which size you are knitting. As a guide:
Two color socks
MC – Approx.  230 (240, 330) metres, 251 (263, 361) yards
CC1 – Approx. 125 (120, 160) metres, 137 (132, 175) yards

3mm dpns
2.5mm dpns / short circular or size needed for gauge.

Other Materials:
Stitch Markers
Tape Measure
Darning needle to sew in ends.


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