Folded Hem Technique

How to make a folded hem

This is a versatile technique which produces a neat, clean edge. It is reasonably stretchy and does not “roll” like a plain stocking stitch edge does. Once you see how magically it transforms your knitted edges you will be adding one to every project!

Plain Folded Hem
1. To knit a plain folded hem cast on using needles one size smaller than your project calls for, join in the round and knit at least 1” (2.5cm), or the number of rounds specified in your pattern.
2. Purl one round.
3. Change to the (larger) needles you will use for your project and knit the same amount of plain rounds as in Step 1. Lay your work out flat.

Step 4
Locate your first cast on stitch and put a stitch marker in it.

Step 5
Fold the bottom half of your knitting up inside the top half, lining the marked stitch up with the first stitch on your left-hand needle.

Step 6
Place the marked stitch on left-hand needle.

Step 7
Remove marker and knit the first two stitches on
left-hand needle together.

Step 8
Insert right-hand needle in next stitch on lefthand needle as if to knit.
Then pick up next cast on stitch behind.

Step 9
Knit the two stitches together.

Repeat Steps 8 and 9 to end of round.

Picot Folded Hem
This is a pretty variation on the plain hem. Apart from two small differences it is worked in the same way as detailed above; in Step 1 you must cast on an even number of stitches, and in Step 2 replace the purl turning round with a picot turning round consisting of YO, K2tog (yarn over, knit next 2 stitches together).

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